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Trailer Race Rules

Race Rules
1. Object of Race: Finish race with your trailer while separating the trailer of your competitors from their tow vehicle. If your trailer is detached during the race you will be DQ’d and must move to the infield.
2. No tow vehicle to tow vehicle hits. Must only hit trailers. Vehicle to vehicle hits will be DQ’d.
3. First vehicle to finish race with eligible trailer or last vehicle with eligible trailer attached wins.
4. All decisions by judges/officials are final.
5. Nicest looking trailer contest. Winner will start on the pole.

1. Maximum tire size of 15 inch. Tires must be on outside of frame rail. They cannot have any kind of protection around them.
2. A minimum of 5 ft wide. Measured from outside of frame rail.
3. A minimum of 12 ft long. Length of trailer will be measured from center of ball  to back edge of frame rail.
4. Trailers to be used: Campers, pop-ups, boats and all other trailers must be approved by judges/officials at tech area.
5. All holding tanks from campers must be drained.
6. Campers and pop-ups must have all LP tanks and any loose material inside (camping supplies, silverware, chemicals, etc.) removed.
7. Trailers must be carrying an object (example: boat, camper, giant stuffed dinosaur). Trash on trailer is not allowed! Objects must be approved by judges/officials and must be tied down.
8. Boats must have motors removed and boat must be attached to trailer.
9. Hitches: Ball type . No gooseneck trailers, no pintal hitches. Tongues of trailers cannot be made to spin or rotate.
10. Trailer must be removable.

Tow Vehicles
1. Any legal rear Or front wheel drive passenger car or full size trucks may be used.
2. No Semis! No SUVs!
3. Trucks with 4 wheel drive must remove either the front or rear drive shaft to compete.
4. If tow vehicle is deemed inappropriate or unsafe to be on track, vehicle will not run!
5. All glass and exterior lights must be removed except front windshield is optional.
6. Driver’s protection: you may use two drivers’ protection bars. You may use 1” x 3” flat steel or maximum 2” diameter round or square tubing mounted on the outside of the vehicle and not extending more than 12” past door seams. Driver’s door must be chained or welded shut.
7. All tow vehicles must have working brakes.
8. No dual wheeled vehicles allowed.
9. Tow vehicles must have some type of driver protection on the driver’s side door (ex: steel plating, bars)



1. Safety is #1.
2. All personnel in Pits (Drivers, Pit Crew, Others) must sign waiver
3. Minimum age 14 to be in pits
4. Drivers must be 16 years of age.
5. Full Face Helmet, long sleeve shirts, & pants required-no open toed shoes allowed!
6. Shoulder and lap belts are required; racing harness is recommended
7. Air bags must be removed
8. No Alcohol allowed!


  1. Admission:

  2. Car and Driver Entry Fee $40.00

  3. This includes pit pass.

  4. All other Pit Passes $20.00

  5. Plus Daily Admission.

  6. At registration please print clearly


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